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Shapes and sizes to suite your budget and garden

Tube size: Most jungle gyms have such big tubes the child cannot grip the pipe, the Ezi tubing is the size of a broom handle which makes a firm gripping climb for the little hands !! ..thus safer .

Possible Extra’s: Swing, Commando net, Slide, Rope ladder, Swing Drum
This the best system for the flexible requirements in your growing children as it is Ezi to add to and allows adjustments.

Most of all, when your child grows out of this young ageand concept , you can use the system to make something for yourself with the same equipment....see ideas below !

• Shelving for your garage or store

• Braai , with all the frills

• Benches and Tables

• Car Port

• Retail shop stands, displays, signs

• Many, many more!
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